Friday, July 11, 2008


Saw a guy laying in a parking lot a couple days ago. Everyone just passed by, either ignoring him or looking at him in disgust. I stopped to see if he was still alive. Turns out he was. He was sleeping off a drunk. I wish him well.


Lost In Wonder said...

This is a lovely sketch, and I'm so pleased to hear that he was alive and that you checked on him. So many people have just tuned off their compassion these days, it's nice to know that other people held on to theirs.

Susan Rudat said...

I agree, good of you to check on him. I was looking at this on skineart...what's in his hand?

joseph's art and stuff said...

I try to treat everyone the same, and assist when I can. As far as what is in the hand... Your guess is as good as mine. I slipped with the pen and worked with it.