Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sketchbook project: how to save the world

another video of another small moleskine sketchbook. the theme was for a show at Art House in Atlanta. it was about how to save the world. the sketchbook is still there. i didn't document the whole thing. when it returns, i will. apparently after the show they decided to put it up again in "the 100 greatest things we've received" show that just opened in the last week or so.


yoon see said...

Hi Joseph,
Hmmmm..Another great sketchbook project.
This time, it's simply a more delightful & uplifting ones...
yeah no more "Fear"...instead with the opposite of fear-"Hope".
With hope, we appreciate & treasure the things surrounding us.
"How to save the world" is simply a good example to start with.
Congratulations Joseph, your artworks are on show.
You deserve the recognition.

I really like your style of drawing.
How long it took you to finish a great project like this?

joseph's art and stuff said...

this one took less than a month, the one prior was about 40 days. they were both for a gallery in Atlanta that opened it up to people on line to submit a sketchbook about the theme for the show.

yoon see said...

You are so committed...Joseph.
For me, I need to be in a good mood (not tire) to do my drawings.
I just have to find more quality time to more quality drawings.

Thanks for your sharing, encouragement and inspiration:)

marina _ tsu-mina said...

WoW!Great job...how can I say "non ho parole"?! Bush is fantastic at the and...