Thursday, August 27, 2009

abandoned puppy

15 years ago, while working in the woods, I found a little puppy abandoned in the woods. He became my best friend and was with me for 13+ years. I don't understand how people can just ditch little puppies or kittens who can't fend for themselves. I've been thinking a lot about getting a new dog...


Caroline said...

That's a cute looking puppy! Yes, it's indeed so sad that people do that - my daughter's just rescued a kitty not old enough to leave its Mum - was so skinny and in really poor health.. Hope you find a new dog - lots of sketching potential too!

mcverhoog said...

Hi Joseph,
I must admit I didn't post a comment for a (too) long time, but seeing this puppy I just couldn't abandon your blog without leaving a comment. Love the illo, hope you find a new dog soon. Keep up the good drawing work, you're a true artist. I'm curious about the next theme you choose. The abandoned-theme proved out to be very inspiring, didn't it?

yoon see said...

Wow! Really cute puppy.
Take care Joseph.
Sorry for not dropping by for long.
I got to visit so many bloggers, I will be back more often.
Take care and happy weekends!

Emily said...

Makes you wonder for sure! I adopted an abandoned cat when I was a kid... she followed me to the bus every morning... I guess she adopted me actually... :)
Funny how that works!
Cheers Joseph!

steve said...

Quite a sad and touching work Joseph. Wish i could take it home.

joseph's art and stuff said...

Thanks everyone for these comments!

Caroline, hope the kitty does well!

mcverhoog, this theme did prove to be inspiring, and made me more observant to all the trash we overlook.

yoon see, great to hear from you, have a great weekend too!

Emily, this pup was very attached to me as well as i to him!

steve, he was the best thing i ever found!

Mayumi Takagi said...

Wow! Lovely dog. You did great job. Especially his eyes.
I wish I want to adopt puppy....

The Victorious place said...

What a lovely piece of work. It makes you just want to pick him up and take him home.
No I don't understand why folks would do that to kittens, or puppies ether.

eva said...

It's shocking how cruel some people can be to animals, I don't get it.

I think you should go for the new-dog-idea, having a pet is really therapeutic and good if you're feeling down or stressed. Maybe you could get a new dog from a dog shelter? It must be nice going for walks with a little dog friend :)