Saturday, August 22, 2009

three wheels

the pages are slowly disappearing in this moleskine. today was a beautiful day, i did a ton of yard work and tried to fix my old lawnmower. it has a gas leak when i shut it off. after tearing it apart and rebuilding the carb... it still leaked. oh well, i've had it forever and keep fixing it. guess i'll draw it and replace it.


Lethe said...

I love the colors you use; and the outlines. Beautiful, thank you for sharing.


Rob Carey said...

This poor trike has had his day. Now your lawn mower... thought about "cash for clunkers?"

joseph's art and stuff said...

thanks Lethe, i like the idea on your site.

Rob, that lawn mower... cash for clunkers never passed through my mind. Hope you are still enjoying your time off! your work on skineart has been great!

beckasharpe said...

Great work, love the colours and your style.

Mayumi Takagi said...

I love this drawing. Nice composition.