Thursday, July 8, 2010

late post

Kristine visited a few weeks ago. We went down to the gallery where my moleskines were on display. It was nice have the keys so I could stop in and check on things, or to allow my daughter and her friend a chance to check out the show... She demanded to have her picture taken with this page, of course I complied. I'm getting ready to travel again, so things will be slow on the posts. If I find time to draw, I'll have my digital camera to post things on occassion.


Daniël said...

Good, very good!!!


Daniel Gustaaf

Belgium - Europe

Valérie said...

niiice. :)

joseph's art and stuff said...

Thanks everyone!

Kristine Tomlinson said...

haha, dad, you're so legit... my friend Harrison, who is in the art department here thinks you're "dope"... be flattered... he's probably the funniest/most famous guy on campus! haha
I love you soooo much <3

joseph's art and stuff said...

Thanks Pumpkin!