Saturday, September 11, 2010

now for a commercial break...

taking a small break from yard work/landscaping and from drawing tonight. this break brought to you by the fine people at GUINNESS!


greyseal said...

Love your stuff! One day I hope to have a Guinness w/ you. (my treat) Then, I am going to take all the red colors you use, smash them and flush them down the toilet. What color will you use then? Maybe you try it before we meet. Just an idea.
Regards, a firm handshake

joseph's art and stuff said...

Thanks! If you smash all the red pens (they are all dried out now), i'll resort back to just using black ink. something i've been thinkin' about anyway. would love to drink a Guinness with you sometime as well.

a firm handshake in return

Emily said...

Have you ever tasted them fresh? I thought I knew what a Guinness tasted like till I had one in Dublin... NUM! *drool*

Andrea said...