Thursday, April 21, 2011

They're at it again...

The folks at Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY are seeking artists to join in on the next Sketchbook Project. This is number six to my knowledge. I've submitted to all of them so far. The first one was themed "Fears", the second was "How to Save the World", the third was "Everyone We Know". These first ones were all done in the pocket sized cahier moleskine plain journals (very thin paper). The forth Sketchbook Project was the first to go into permanent record/possession of the library in Brooklyn. This project also was the first to increase the size of the "book" to the 5"X8.25" moleskine cahier size plain journal (same thin paper). The theme for this, and all the projects since, is a pick one from the list. I chose "Friends of Friends of Friends". The next (fifth) Sketchbook Project I chose the theme of "Nightmares", This project is still on tour check on their website to get all the details. The newest project is open for submissions, pick a theme, sign up at their site, and pay $25. They will then send you your book, the rest is up to you... The Art House gang states that the books for this tour are of a heavy weight paper (something new), I'll let you know what I think of the new books when I receive mine. Like the past three projects the books will be on tour in various cities across the US, the only difference this newest one will also travel to Canada, Australia, and England. Go to their site to find out more.


artybecca said...

I just signed up today. I'm looking forward to the nicer paper. I didn't manage to fill every page in my last sketchbook so this time I chose the theme "in 10 minutes" and plan to make each page a 10-min continuous line drawing. At least that's the plan in my head right now!

stress1971 said...

Huge fan from Denmark here (also on Skineart)!!

Have you received the new and improved sketchbook from the project yet? I've been thinking a lot about joining this time, too. I joined in on the last one but never finished due to some stress-issues. What's the paper like in the new sketchbook?

Thanks a million for the inspiration and for my current hunger for morel mushrooms!:-D