Sunday, July 3, 2011

page 6

I tore up more of the back yard and ripped out shrubs... The boss wants more garden space and also an area of blackberries. My reply, yes Ma'am... We also got a new puppy last night, so I'm puppy sitting right now. Our older pup and it are getting along swell. Do to changes I couldn't hang out with some friends last night like I had intended on. More rambling... I'm not overly thrilled with the paper in this sketchbook, had to trash two pages after a test. Now there will only be 13 spreads and the two covers (front and back). Makes for less work though.


artybecca said...

I love this has an old-fashioned look to it.

joseph's art and stuff said...

thank you artybecca, the old-timey look is what I was trying to achieve.

kitty said...