Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last page in the big one...

Done with this, now I can work on things that are due to other places...


Chad said...

This drawing reminds me of a story I wrote. If you have time, you could visit "Wet Willy" at

I love your style!

Lady Lazarus-Press said...

Hello Joseph, I am the Editor-In-Chief of a small press and we've recently changed our name from "Goldfish Press" to "Lady Lazarus Press" (long story, but we've been publishing under Goldfish Press for about 5-6 years). Anyway we've also launched a brand new website and have been combing the Internet for graphics for this site, Lady Lazarus if from a very well known poem by the poet Sylvia Plath who killed herself in 1963. We've been looking for an image that would remind visitors of that piece, that's where you come've nicked one of your images but of course are seeking your permission to use it. We stumbled across your work and it is fantastic to say the least!

We can't pay you of course (can't even pay ourselves) but if you give us permission to use the graphic we will give you credit on the website and provide a link back to your artwork. We are still tweaking the look of the website but our current traffic is about 500 unique visitors per month and we're growing rapidly.

We will also give you credit on our fb account where we have close to 5,000 fb friends. You can find our new website at:

Looking forward to hearing from you, our e-mail address is:

Debra Marlar,
Lady Lazarus-Press